About So Monroe

So you want to know about… So Monroe! The brand is eminent for its luxury style without the luxury price tag taking influence from the Catwalk to the boardwalk of Los Angles. It all originally started with Miss Marilyn Monroe herself, the muse behind the brand as It was about taking it back to the classic style of Hollywood.

This lead to the creation of a simply chic online platform for our oh so stylish squad. Your looking for an outfit and don’t know? Look to SoMonroe! Our collection is definitive of the simplicity of styling. From our signature neutral shades to our exclusive essentials. it emulates the way in which being stylish can be simple.

Since becoming established in March 2015 the brand has gone from Miss Mollie Monroe’s wardrobe to being featured in Elle Magazine, worn by an array of names within the industry, from London to LA and has become Internationally sought after. This has made SoMonroe the oh so on trend label to be seen in.

-Become in the know, be styled by SoMonroe.

“Luxury fashion without the luxury price tag”

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